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Summit Smart FS38X S Gas Grill


• Touchscreen or smartphone controlled grilling experience
• High-definition touchscreen puts controls at your fingertips
• Burner control buttons let you adjust heat with a tap
• Touchscreen ignition lights burners quickly and easily
• SmartControlTM technology takes the guesswork out of grilling
• Smartphone temperature control, monitoring and alerts
• Guided step-by-step recipes
• Cleaning alerts remind you to maintain your grill
• Fuel monitoring lets you see how much fuel is in tank
• Flame monitoring ensures burners are lighting reliably
• Top-down infrared broiler caramelizes steaks edge-to-edge
• Heavy-duty, integrated rotisserie fits large cuts of meat
• WEBER CRAFTED cooking grates, frame kit expand cooking techniques • Large, stainless-steel smoker box adds wood-smoked flavor
• Rust-resistant griddle insert (sold separately)
• Side burner provides extra cooking space for sauces and sides
• Rotisserie crisping basket (sold separately) for “air-fry” cooking
• PureBlu burners distribute even heat across the cooking grates
• Expansive, two-tiered grilling surface and oversized side table
• Durable heavy-duty stainless-steel cooking grates retain heat
• Stainless-steel construction adds durability and timeless style
• Large built-in side cabinet for extra storage space

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Tap, scroll, and swipe your way to perfectly grilled food with the Summit® Smart Gas Grill with high-definition touchscreen. Ignite the grill with the touchscreen, then enjoy the freedom to control it from anywhere with your smartphone. Grill without guesswork with SmartControl™ technology that shows you where to place food and adjusts temperature levels precisely. Monitor cooking progress remotely with included smart probes and your smartphone – view graphs, get alerts when food is ready to flip, finished cooking, and ready to serve. Access guided recipes and more on the touchscreen or Weber Connect app, with new features and functionality updated regularly. In addition to cutting-edge tech, this grill is loaded with features that take outdoor cooking and entertaining to a higher level. Give steaks an edge-to-edge caramelized crust with the top-down infrared broiler. Explore new techniques with the integrated rotisserie or transform your grill into a griddle with a rust-resistant griddle insert (sold separately). Or turn your grill into a pizza oven, wok, and more with custom-fit grillware (sold separately) using the WEBER CRAFTED cooking grates and frame kit.

• Touchscreen or smartphone controlled grilling experience

• High-definition touchscreen puts controls at your fingertips

• Burner control buttons let you adjust heat with a tap

• Touchscreen ignition lights burners quickly and easily

• SmartControl™ technology takes the guesswork out of grilling

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Weight 275 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 35 × 53 in

Summit Smart FS38X S Gas Grill LP, Summit Smart FS38X S Gas Grill NG

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